Mo’etzeth Hakhamim

May YHWH give us the wisdom and humility to properly understand and interpret the Miqra.

Hakham Gerşom ben Yonah Hakoğen Qiprisci  |  החכם גרשום בן יונה הכהן

Hakham Melech ben Ya’aqov  |  החכם מלך רחמיאל בן יעקב מרדכי בן דוד משה

Hakham Shlomo ben Moshe  |  החכם שלמה בן משה

Hakham Ya’aqov ben Yisrael  |  החכם יעקב בן ישראל

Hakhama Olchasariya bat Davut al-Karauni  |  החכמה אל-כזריה בת דוד אל-קראוני

The Mo'etzeth Hakhamim is available to adjudicate cases according to Torah law. Plaintiffs and defendants must both agree to have the case judged by the Mo'atzah and must sign a contract binding them to the decision of the judges. The decision of the judges will be within the scope allowed by the law of the land in which the case is heard. A nominal fee will be charged to both plaintiffs and defendants to cover the costs of the adjudication. Please contact the World Alliance of Qara'im at for further information.

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