What is the True Location of King David's Tomb?

Post date: Sep 10, 2013 4:44:30 PM

Date: Saturday 30 March 2013

Time: 2:00PM EST (1:00PM CST, 8:00PM Jerusalem time)

Place: TorahTruthSeekers1 room on PalTalk (in the Religion & Spirituality > Judaism section. If you do not have PalTalk, you may download it at www.paltalk.com.)

Speaker: Hakham Melech ben Ya'aqov

Description: If you visit Jerusalem's Old City as a tourist, you might be whisked off to a place called "Mount Zion" to see "King David's Tomb". As it turns out, this is not the real tomb of King David. So where is King David really buried? In this fascinating talk, based on a recent article in Biblical Archaeology Review (http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-sites-places/biblical-archaeology-sites/king-davids-tomb-a-closer-look), we will explore the probability that King David's tomb is in the southeastern portion of the City of David, near the bottom of the mountain slope that runs down from the Temple Mount on its southern side. In exploring this possibility, we will be transported back to the time of the Biblical Nehemia, as he makes his journey from Persia back to his ancient homeland with a singular vision in mind: to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem.

Talk Recorded: Yes

Link to Recording: http://www.karaiteinsights.com/aud/King-David-Tomb-Location.wav