What is Hametz?

Post date: Apr 12, 2012 7:40:30 AM

Date: Saturday 14 April 2012

Time: 2:00PM EDT (1:00PM CDT, 9:00PM Jerusalem time)

Place: TorahTruthSeekers1 room on PalTalk (in the Religion & Spirituality > Judaism section. If you do not have PalTalk, you may download it at www.paltalk.com.)

Speaker: Hakham Melech ben Ya'aqov

Description: "Egyptian" Karaites understand the Hag HaMazoth prohibition against eating Hametz / Mahmetzeth / Se'or to cover all fermented products, including wine, cheese and even black tea. Is this the correct understanding of the Torah's intent? Hakham Melech makes the argument that the Torah's only prohibition is against leavened bread, and not against fermented foods in general.

Talk Recorded: Yes

Link to Recording: http://www.KaraiteInsights.com/aud/What-Is-Hametz.wav