The Ancient City Wall, Part 2

Post date: Mar 05, 2013 3:1:36 PM

Date: Saturday 2 March 2013

Time: 2:00PM EST (1:00PM CST, 9:00PM Jerusalem time)

Place: TorahTruthSeekers1 room on PalTalk (in the Religion & Spirituality > Judaism section. If you do not have PalTalk, you may download it at

Speaker: Hakham Melech ben Ya'aqov

Description: We will continue our talk about the fascinating subject of walls around ancient cities: their archaeology, as well as their mention and meaning in the Tanach. The walls of Jericho, the walls around Jerusalem, and even the walls around Shushan, the capital of the ancient Persian empire, will be some of the topics we will cover. Join us as we continue our journey back to ancient Israel, back to its ancient cities, and for a walk around its walls.

Talk Recorded: Yes

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