Disturbing Stories in the Tanach, Part 2 -- Naval

Post date: Jul 06, 2012 4:29:29 PM

Date: Saturday 7 July 2012

Time: 3:00PM EDT (2:00PM CDT, 10:00PM Jerusalem time)

Place: TorahTruthSeekers1 room on PalTalk (in the Religion & Spirituality > Judaism section. If you do not have PalTalk, you may download it at www.paltalk.com.)

Speaker: Hakham Melech ben Ya'aqov

Description: We will continue to explore hard to comprehend and disturbing stories in the Tanach. This time, we will consider the story of Naval (Nabal), whose failure to extend the same courtesies to David's shepherds that David had extended to Naval's shepherds, almost resulted in David's killing Naval's shepherds, if not for the intervention of Naval's wise wife, Avigail (Abigail). What moral right did David have to consider killing Naval's shepherds? This and other interesting questions will be addressed in part 2 of this series. For those who wish to do some reading in preparation for the talk, the story of Naval can be found in the book of First Samuel, chapter 25.

Talk Recorded: Yes

Link to Recording: http://www.KaraiteInsights.com/aud/Disturbing-Stories-2-Naval.wav